SWIFT - redefining how you drink beer at home

At ShinDigger our DNA is a lot different to other breweries. We are 2 mates fresh out of uni with no previous experience of basically anything at all. Although many people might see this as a weakness, we see it as a strength. Rather than feel the need to copy what other breweries are doing, we know we are different and are very comfortable building our own identity.  And I think one part of that is that youthful experiences fosters blue sky thinking. And a willingness to take on the biggest of challenges.

When we found out that 50% of alcohol is consumed at home we realised there was a large number of beer drinkers who simply aren't getting access to a great choice of beer (with the exception of the odd nice bottle shop, supermarket choice is generally weak). We wanted to find a way to get quality beer into the hands of people at house parties, summer BBQs, pre-drinks, watching sports - these type of social situations. From being part of market we aim to serve, we understand the spontaneity with which these situations come and go so we need a service that can keep up. 

So we have set about the small task of delivering fresh growlers of draft beer served chilled to people's doors. All delivered at the push of a button on your phone within 45 minutes. Whilst we are fully aware of the massive challenges that lie ahead in achieving this goal, we are motivated by the fact we genuinely believe this type of service could be revolutionary.

We have already been pilot testing the service in Chorlton and Didsbury. Firstly to see if there is a demand for a such a service. And secondly to start capturing data so we can build a model to see what are the critical factors.

During the pilot testing to date, all beer has been free (due to licensing legalities). However we have got beer into the hands of around 100 customers. The feedback has been promising and encouraging us to delve deeper into the idea. 

We are currently working around the licensing hurdles and plan to do the first paid pilot testing in September / October. In addition we are also developing ideas for distribution. To date this has been done by ourselves in the van however if we are going to roll out the service on a national level this method is not scaleable.

All in all this a very exciting project as it combines our passion for tech and beer in a unique way that as we are aware hasn't been done before.