New Gaff

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 19.55.49.png

Slap, bang in the middle of Ancoats underneath the artwork of renowned street artist Phlegm. We are on Cross Keys St. A stones throw from Band On The Wall and the Smithfield Tavern. The area will also see the Mackie Mayor building become the next venture for Altrincham Market. Plus Ply and Kosmonaut’s new venue is just at the other end of the block. In short we are right in the mixer!

Our 3,000 square foot space will serve as a distribution depot / workspace. It will not be a brewery – we are very happy with our current brewing partnerships and are investing in more tanks dedicated to producing our beers.

18 months operating out of Alphabet Brew Co was good. The highlight being our collab beer Skinny Dipper. But with ourselves and Alphabet both growing we ran out of space. And the time has come for us to get some bricks and mortar of our own.

In the new year when we are settled in the new space, we will look at transforming the space into an events venue. And who knows, in the future maybe even some kind of tap – WORD!

As a team we are happy to have a place called home for the years to come. It will be exciting to see Ancoats increasingly becoming a hub for creativity and culture in the city. And hopefully we can be part of it!