Hazy juicy beer


In the never-ending quest for more juiciness all our keg beer will go through a lighter filtration level.

This will result in the beer being more cloudy, more juicy and more bodied. The filtration level is very rough, basically just removing the yeast particles. Retaining more malt body and all that wonderful hoppy goodness.

We believe these changes are improving the quality of the beers - the most recent batches with the lighter filtration are tasting tip top! This is part of a wider evolution of our brewing philosophy. When we started out, we were all about the hops. All our focus was on hop ratios and dry hop methods. Whereas this year we have had a more-rounded approach, spending lots of time looking at malt profiles and fining/filtering processes. I think our beers are tasting the best they ever had. Its crazy to compare our level of beers to when we first started over 3 years ago.

We are confident that drinkers are ready for cloudy beer. Five years ago cloudy beer would have been a risky move. Many people had the misconception cloudy beer as bad quality or ‘gone off’. However as the craft beer movement continues to prosper, drinkers are becoming more educated and due to the innovative work of pioneering breweries like Moor in Bristol, people are becoming more accustomed to hazy style.

In short, we hope our drinkers enjoy these changes. And we will continue to iterate and evolve our beers in search of marginal improvements.