Everything's Peachy

Our process of making a new beer goes something like this. We sit down as a team (often whilst drinking a beer wahey) and decide which beer style would best fit into the vision we are building for ShinDigger. Then lots of hard work through a long process of trial and error where we test slightly different variances in recipes. Once we have got the beer to a place we are happy with it we will release it into the wild! Even then there will still be ongoing minor tweaks.

Watching people drink and enjoy your final product is one of the most satisfying parts of what we do. Taking something from an idea in your heads, and then through lots of hard work and after overcoming lots of unexpected challenges, bringing it into reality and it being something people actually like and buy is a very rewarding process.

A lot of beer styles are in vogue at the moment - sours, barrel-aged, etc and so for beer numero 11 we could have done one of these and claimed to be an innovative and forward thinking brewery lol. But at ShinDigger we don't follow the trend and stay true to our own identity. We make ace session beers with the world's best hops. So we thought rather than do a new style that someone else can do better than us, why not try and add a new dimension to what we already do well. Welcome... the addition of natural fruit extract to our existing beers. We are not thinking fruit juice like a Timmerman's, rather a subtle hint that gives the beer a fresh fruity twist.

I understand some people look down on using extract rather than the fruit itself, but extract is exactly the part of the fruit you need (it's literally the flavour and aroma compounds distilled off and leaves behind the sugar so it doesn't fuck with your fermentation). So it's more efficient and a lot easier. Also the extracts we are using are all 100% natural from the fruit anyway. I know firsthand this is the way a lot of the UK's most respected breweries do it too.

Anyhow now I've dealt with that issue, once we decided to have a pop at fruit beers, we identified a fruit extract supplier. And tested 4 different fruits across all our beers. Peach in the Session came out the winner so that is what we are rolling with!

Everything's Peachy launched at the debut ShinDigger Sessions so we could get lots of direct feedback from drinkers. Feedback was generally positive. We are going to trial a slightly different dosage rate. Once we've tasted that we'll make a final call and start ramping up production into both keg and bottle.

We are also exploring new combinations. It is likely the next beer to get the fruit treatment will be the Pils. This fruit combo is something we are looking to develop. A new string to the ShinDigger bow if ya like!