ShinDigger LIVE Launch


This weekend we'll be officially launching onto the people of South Manchester our new on-demand draught beer delivery service, ShinDigger LIVE. ShinDigger LIVE is a side project we have been experimenting with and working on over the past 18 months with an aim to improve the way people consume beer at home.

Since starting ShinDigger 4 years ago, our ethos hasn't changed. We set out to create a range of beers that enhance the experience of being with friends and enjoying the moment. It's what we love doing and is something we feel plays a big part of our culture.

The beer in your hand has the biggest impact on that experience. Refreshing, easily drinkable and bursting with flavour are the attributes we think are the key factors that make a beer enjoyable.

As a company, we have always been open minded to other parts of the experience we think we can improve. ShinDigger Sessions is the events arm of our company and our attempt at playing with other elements of the experience like music, vibe and surroundings to help create more memorable moments with friends.

ShinDigger LIVE is our attempt at opening up the experience to drinkers through beer which we think is suited well to the social experiences you have at home. Whether it be a thirst quencher for the BBQ, table beers at the Xmas dinner party, night in or an afternoon of football, we want to provide the perfect beer for it.

So what is ShinDigger LIVE?

ShinDigger LIVE is effectively a beer now button in your pocket. Few simple clicks using our app and within 45 minutes one of our team will be at your door with a growler of freshly poured draught beer in one of our 3.5-pint flagons.



The beers available on our service are always two weeks from packaging, having travelled exclusively through our low-temperature supply chain keeping the beer 5 degrees until it reaches your door cold and ready to go. The aim is that it's tasting as close to being straight from the brewery tank as it can be.

Our philosophy around brewing and drinking beer also requires that the beer is available at a price that isn't a one-off luxury, but a premium product that can be consumed on a casual basis. This same philosophy applied to ShinDigger LIVE. We will only create the service if we think that it can be casual enough to fit into drinkers social lives rather than an occasional luxury.

The fact the beer comes directly from us, is served in reasonably sized volume containers (3.5-pint servings) and is only available at times when we think you'll need it most, means we can provide the beer at a price-point around the £4-5 mark, the same you'd expect to see it anywhere else. Only this time you can be enjoying from the comfort of your home, friends house party, backyard BBQ or parents dinner table.

As a company, we've always strived to see where we can push boundaries, do things a little differently with the aim to improve the status quo while sticking to our ideals. We hope you'll like the service.

The service open 6-11pm Friday and Saturday night for people living in South Manchester at the moment.

Head over to or find the ShinDigger LIVE at the Google/Apple App stores!

Muchos love,

The ShinDigger Team