Photo credit to Untappd user 'lelimpgimp'

Photo credit to Untappd user 'lelimpgimp'


British wheat beers provide alternative option

Fair to say, here at ShinDigger, we were pretty gutted when our country voted to leave the EU. However as the old adage goes, every cloud has a silver lining! One of the benefits we have seen from Brexit is the decrease in the value of the pound making parts of the UK manufacturing industry more competitive.

The heritage of wheat beers undoubtedly belongs to the Germans and Belgians. However over the last year the Pound has fallen in value against the Euro by over 10%. Consequently prices of many continental beer have been forced upwards.

At the same time, there have been huge leaps forward in common brewing knowledge and diversity over the last decade. In addition, the range and quality of yeast in the commercial market has improved in standard.  Consequently, many UK brewers are producing wonderful wheat beers, capturing that wonderful bananery bubblegummy flavour from the funky yeast combining with the wheat.

Previously a beer buyer for a bar might have automatically gone continental for their wheat beer choice. Today we believe local wheat beers produced in the UK provide a good alternative option.


Our Weiss 5.4% comes in at £120 for a 50l and £80 for a 30l. If anyone is interested you can drop me a message by reply to this email.