Everyone say “Hi Jack!” ✋

In January we recruited our fourth team member. You may have seen him around town in the van delivering our beer. We asked him a few questions to see how he’s been getting on…


This is your first foray into the brewing industry. What made you want to join the world of beer?

Basically, I wanted to work in an industry that I was passionate about and craft beer has had me hooked for some time. The rise of the brewing scene in Manchester has paved the way for my growing obsession and given me a few hangovers along the way. I guess the one thing that really appealed to me was the people. The world of beer is undoubtedly a friendly place and everyone seems happy to chat, whether it’s passing the time of day, geeking out over a new beer or anything in between!


What are your first thoughts on the ShinDigger environment? Is it different from what you were expecting?

I started not long after the NYE party at the Shindigger warehouse and so my first thought on the environment was probably that I hoped not to get roped in to the clean up! In all honesty though, having worked for some quite large companies previously the environment is a million miles from what I’m used to. It’s great going to work for a company that’s in its early stages and feeling like you can really have an impact.


Are there any ShinDigger projects you are keeping your eye on and excited to watch develop?

There are quite a few exciting things going on. However, the Sessions side of ShinDigger is something I’m particularly interested in. The bringing together of great beer and music inside a quality venue may seem a common occurrence. However, I feel that the beer aspect can sometimes be lacking. This arm of the brand enables us to fully express our ethos in an all-encompassing manor and promises to be a lot of fun. Other than that I’m always keen on ideas for new beers!


Finally you’ve made it through your first month and seen how the team operate. Between George and Paul, who’s good cop and who’s bad cop?

Both bad, Chris gets my vote for good cop!