🍻 Shindigger LIVE 🍍

*** SHINDIGGER LIVE won't be running during January. See you on the first week of February!! :) ***

Fresh draft beer to your door within 45 minutes

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ShinDigger LIVE is a "beer now" button in your pocket. With a few simple clicks using our app and within 45 minutes one of our team will be at your door with a 3.5-pint flagon of freshly poured draught beer!

Prices range from £15-18 per 3.5-pint flagon with no delivery charges. We're currently running 6-11pm Fridays & Saturdays to people living in South Manchester.

For more info visit shindiggerlive.co.uk.

To start ordering beer now head over to our web app shindigger.live, or simply download the app to get started. Available now on the App Store and Google Play Store🤳🚚🏡