all the elements of the equation

In our fast-moving, distraction filled world, beer provides a much needed respite to actually live in the present and enjoy time with your mates. When we strip away the layers, we believe this social experience is the most important thing. The more lip-smacking the beer, the better the experience. Our mission at ShinDigger is to make that experience the best it can be.

There’s more to that experience than just beer though. Last August we launched our events arm ShinDigger Sessions with the idea of playing with the other elements of the drinking experience. We ask ourselves how we can bring together more like minded people and look at the music, aesthetics, food and event format to create the perfect vibe under one roof.

The latest Sessions event was New Year with a lil party in our new unit in Ancoats. With First Chop’s reggae sound system pumping the tunes and surrounded by our nearest and dearest, it was a special celebration that will live on in the memory.

Sessions 2.png

The party gave us our first little snippet of what we can with the new space. As well as being a good warm-up for our next major Sessions event – an all day party in the abandoned Antwerp Mansion in April. 

Our feeling that the overall drinking experience is key is a reflection of a shift in culture where people are more interested in consuming experiences over products. (According to Forbes 78% of milennials prefer to spend money on an experience or event over buying something desirable ). Essentially people want to experience cool stuff - seems legit!