We are in the process of completing a second round of investment into the company by selling 15% equity for £100k. This is a long way from when we started ShinDigger on a £10k loan from the government Start-up loan Scheme. That was just about enough to get our first batch brewed, branding designed, kegs brought and leave a small amount of cash to operate with. Pump badges were printed out at home, cut out by hand and stuck to beer mats. A proper delivery vehicle was none existent as beers were delivered out of Paul’s battered old hatch back. Two at a time….. -_-

Although this was a great lesson for us in being frugal with our money it meant we started from literally square one. Through a lot of hard graft and bumpy roads we’ve grown the company to a point where we are now producing 35,000 per month.

Phase One was about bringing to life a solid core product range. And achieve sustainability as a company.

With the £100k investment coming into the company we are moving beyond a start-up and into Phase Two of the company.  Our vision for Phase Two is to build an ecosystem around ShinDigger that fulfils our core ethos of enjoying the moment. We will be really pushing boundaries of what a brewing company can be, throwing the traditional brewery model out the window. 

The ecosystem is made of three branches that will be interconnected through technology:

1.    ShinDigger Brewing Co – the beer, and keystone of everything we do.

2.    ShinDigger Sessions – our events arm mentioned in the first article.

3.    ShinDigger LIVE – one button instant beer delivery.

ShinDigger LIVE is about going back to our roots of selling homebrew at houseparties - this time with more beer and some fancy tech. In a few clicks of a button you’ll be able to get draught beer to your door within 45 minutes.

Phase Two will involve more risk and experimentation. We are ready to embrace these new challenges as we look to create something awesome that people will love.