We specialise in session beers that balance big taste with an easy-drinking nature. Breaking this down technically, this means combining citrus and tropical notes from the planet’s finest hops / natural fruit extracts with high drinkability (4-5% ABV range) so you can keep on sipping! For us, there is magic in the balance.

To showcase the planet’s finest hops in the freshest condition, our beer is shipped shortly after packaging and our cold room at our distribution depot in Ancoats, Manchester stores all our beer at 3C. Our beers are only lightly filtered to preserve juicy hop flavour and are consequently hazy in appearance.

Our beers are available in keg and tallboys.

Drink beer, get wisdom.

OUR story

First ever home-brew, February 2012 vs 2019

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ShinDigger was born whilst Paul I (George) were living together at Manchester University in 2012. We jointly invested our spare cash into a home-brewing kit and brewed the beers in the kitchen of our student flat. Shortly after, we started selling our beer at house parties. It was here the first seeds of ShinDigger were planted.

In Autumn 2013, armed with a small loan from the government we started delivering kegs to bars around Manchester out the back of Paul’s banged up hatchback. Soon I was able to quit my bar job and Paul his Domino’s delivery driver job and we were able to focus full-time on developing ShinDigger.

Five years later we brew 120,000 pints per month and have released over 20 beers that we distribute nationwide from Brighton to Aberdeen and export to three countries.

We do what's called shadow brewing. Shadow brewing means we develop our recipes on our pilot kit at our HQ in Ancoats, Manchester. Once the recipe is finalised, the beer is brewed in big batches on another brewery's spare capacity. ShinDigger beers are brewed at four partner breweries across the North-West.

The name ‘ShinDigger’ embodies our ethos that beer is about having a good time with your friends and enjoying the moment.

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